10 Best Mobile Apps for Your Hot Tub

Do you have trouble managing your hot tub? If so, there’s an app for that.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Your Hot Tub

There are tons of different apps out there that you can install on your tablet or smartphone that can help you manage your hot tub and make daily maintenance of your spa much easier.

Best Mobile Apps for Your Hot Tub

Let’s examine some of the best mobile apps for your hot tub so you can make your hot tub maintenance much simpler and easier.

1. Balboa Smartphone App


The Balboa smartphone app is designed to work in conjunction with Balboa systems only and will allow you to control a variety of controls on your hot tub. You can control the temperature, your pumps, lights and much more. If you have a Balboa system, this is the one app you need to control your hot tub from your couch or virtually anywhere.
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2. Insta-Link Water Testing


The Insta-Link app is a free app that is designed to take the guess work out of your hot tub water chemistry. Using special test strips, you can easily test your water and the app will calculate exactly what you need to add to maintain the very best water quality in your spa. If water chemistry continues to be a mystery for you, then this app will make life so much easier for you
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3. AquaChek Smart


Another great water chemistry app, AquaChek uses test strips to help you test your water in a no mess, no fuss setup that is easy to do. The app will read your water quality and recommend what you need to add to it to keep the water in the best shape possible. Remember, your spa’s water needs to be in great shape in order to be safe, and this app will make it easy for you to keep it that way.
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4. MAAX Collection


It seems Balboa is the way to go with hot tub systems if you want to control your hot tub from anywhere in the world. This app will allow you to access your Balboa system and configure everything from your pump controls to lighting. Create timers to turn your pump on and off from the comfort of your couch with this app so you never have to worry about managing your hot tub again.
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5. Cloud Control


The Cloud Control app will let you control your Bullfrog spa right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices and will let you control a wide variety of hot tub settings from almost anywhere. Adjust your pump and filtration settings, change the temperature, and much more all from your smartphone with this handy little app created specifically for Bullfrog spas.
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6. Sunsmart


If you have a Sundance spa, then this is the app for you. This app will connect to your Sundance spa and give you control over almost every aspect of its controls including the lights, pump and much more. You can even set it to send you reminders about water maintenance and if there is a problem, it can even notify your dealer for you so they can dispatch a repair technician.
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7. Prolink App


Another great app for controlling your spa, this particular app has been designed to work with Jacuzzi brand spas. Schedule water care operations, adjust the temperature and even control your jets with this app from almost anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection both at home and on your smartphone.
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8. Swim University


This may be a shameless plug for us, but our app will let you browse our entire site right on your smartphone so you can find useful articles to help you properly care for and use your spa.
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9. Pool Calculator


This app may have been designed for pools, but you can use this same app for your hot tub as well. This app is designed to help you calculate the proper amount of chemicals to add to your pool or hot tub so you don’t have to try and figure it out for yourself. If math isn’t your strong suit, then this is the app for you.
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10. Pentair Screenlogic


This app is designed for use with Pentair systems in both pools and hot tubs. You can monitor and control almost every aspect of your hot tub from your computer, tablet or your smartphone. Adjust your pumps, temperature and much more with this handy app that will keep you from having to babysit your hot tub day in and day out.
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Final Thoughts

You don’t have to spend hours and hours sitting next to your hot tub caring for it. With today’s technology, you can do everything from balancing your water chemistry to controlling your pumps and the heating controls on your hot tub. If you haven’t stepped into the 21st century with your hot tub management, now is the time to do it. I think you will find it will make your hot tub maintenance so much easier.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Your Hot Tub

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