Interesting Facts About Swimming Pools Infographic

I thought everyone loved swimming pools. Whether it was an inground, above ground, or the public pool down the street. However, it turns out that there are not many people who know how to swim!

That was shocking (pun intended)!

If you thought a swimming pool was just a body of water in a backyard somewhere, think again! They’re much more complex than that. And what’s even more complex is the swimmers themselves who use these pools.

Below is the full infographic packed with interesting facts about swimming pools.

Interesting Facts and Statistics About Swimming Pools Infographic

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What Facts About Swimming Pools Shocked You?

We really want to hear from you! Let’s start a discussion in the comments below by telling us what fact or stat shocked you the most. Was it that 65% of the American population doesn’t know how to swim? That really blew our minds.

Or how about 17% of swimmers admit peeing in swimming pools? At the very least that should make you question yourself the next time you think about swimming in a public pool.

We are really interested in doing another infographic about swimming pools. If you have any additional facts and stats about pools, please share them in the comments below. We will give you credit in the graphic and in the blog post it appears on.


Happy Swimming!

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  • Wes

    Fun & interesting stats! I would also like to find out of the 47.1% of above ground pools how many people CLOSE them for winter…since The Pool Pillow Pal is specially designed for those people to make closing their pool so much easier! http://www.thepoolpillowpal.com
    Keep up the GREAT work Matt!

  • Thanks Wes!!!

  • Rex Richard

    Great infographic Matt!

    These are a fast and fun way to get an overview of the facts!

  • Travis Schonleber

    Fun and interesting facts Matt. I have always thought of a pool as a child in diapers who never grows up, never leaves home, and always wants your attention. But then again, it is why we do love children so much.

    = )

  • Alan Lewis

    Congratulations on putting important and interesting STats together for all to ponder.

    I wonder if you could do the same for AUstralia?

    I am sure the comparison would be very interesting.


  • Alexis Wood

    Great job! Love the fun facts… You have always known your pools. Always good to see someone who not only knows what they are talking about, but also enjoys it!
    Keep it up!

  • Roxanne McClain

    Interesting Facts. Do you have any stats on the percentage of pools with slides?

  • @Roxanne I was actually looking for that number, but all I could find was diving boards.

  • Roxanne McClain

    Matt- Seems that the number of water slides added to pools is increasing steadily. I wonder how we could find something like that out. Our business is a very niche market, and we have saw increase sales and revenue like crazy over the last 6 years, and that’s just coming from a small fry specialty company. I remember researching it and coming up with an estimated number back when we started looking into purchasing the company that I now work with, but cant remember where I found it now.

  • Buddy Home

    nice job! @buddyrhome

  • Maxine Scott

    I love all of the information! You have great facts and I am learning some amazing things. Do you know how many calories are burned for each stroke?

  • Thanks, Maxine! I’m not sure how many calories are burned on each stroke, but Endless Pools has this pretty cool online calculator you can use to find out: http://www.swimmingcalculator.com/swim_calories_calculator.php