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The Hot Tub Handbook Digital Guide

Less Hot Tub Maintenance & Effortless Cleaning Tips

I've developed a few tactics for keeping a hot tub clean and clear without spending too much time on it. Your hot tub is meant for soaking; not for sulking.

This guide will teach you how to set up your hot tub so you don't have to worry about it all the time.

I'll lay out a simple schedule you can follow for filter maintenance, cover cleaning, water testing and chemistry.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Save Money On Chemicals With Lean Hot Tub Chemistry

I get the same questions over and over again. Why can't I keep a chlorine reading? How much shock and chlorine or bromine should I put in? Why is the pH always high or low?.

Hot Tub chemistry can be very simple as long as you understand the fundamentals. The hard part is tuning out the noise. Every hot tub professional has a different approach to water chemistry.

In this guide, I explain what chemicals you need and which ones you don't. I included chemical dosing charts so you'll always know how much to add without second guessing.

The Lean Hot Tub Chemistry Philosophy says to only add the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean and clear, and nothing more. This section alone will save you hundreds of dollars a year from buying chemicals you simply don't need.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Save Hundreds a Year by Spending $29 Now

The Hot Tub Handbook digital guide has helped hundreds of people save money every year on taking care of their hot tub.

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Take a Look Inside The Guide

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Hot Tub Water Care Page Know Your Hot Tub Page Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub Page Hot Tub Cover Page

Everyone Loves The Hot Tub Handbook Digital Guide

Chris Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial


I inherited a hot tub and was clueless. I found The Hot Tub Handbook and bought it instantly. Five days later, I had a sparkling clean tub. The book is easy to read, well designed, full of illustrations, hints, tips and buying advice.
Marty Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial


I'm extremely grateful for the handbook because it simplified EVERYTHING. I was stressed out about our swim spa and how I would be able to maintain it. Your approach is awesome and informative and the videos are well done!
Todd Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Todd C.

I searched all over the internet trying to educate myself on hot tubs and hot tub upkeep. Then I found Swim University and their handy hot tub handbook. This is your one stop shop for everything hot tub. I am looking forward to showing off all my new skills to my neighbors.
Sandy Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial


The Hot Tub Hand Book is easy to understand, with practical tips and suggestions. Other info were confusing; I needed a Chemist's Degree! However, this guide was easy to understand and apply to my real-world hot tub situations. It's definitely worth the money!

If You Don't Like It, I'll Give Your Money Back. No questions asked.

I’m proud of The Hot Tub Handbook digital guide. And I'm confident that you'll love it. But if you don’t, I’ll issue a refund and still let you keep the guide.

But I know you won’t be disappointed.

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Still Not Convinced?

I bet when you first bought your hot tub you thought about soaking with your family, relaxing after a long day at work, or getting romantic.

This is why you own a hot tub! You want to throw a impromptu party for all your family and friends. You want to have the pleasure of soaking in a hot tub ANY TIME YOU WANT, right in your own backyard.

Stop Wasting Money Taking Care of Your Hot Tub. This is the ONLY Manual You Will Ever Need!

The Hot Tub Handbook is an easy-to-read digital illustrated guide for new and veteran owners. It’s designed to take the confusion and frustration out of hot tub maintenance so that you can focus on enjoying it.

In The Hot Tub Handbook, you will learn:

  • The easiest hot tub chemical guide ever illustrated, taking all the guesswork out of the water chemistry.
  • The secrets to handling green or cloudy water without breaking the bank.
  • How to save a TON of money by taking better care of your hot tub, using only what you need.
  • Hacks to keeping your hot tub clean and clear all year long.
  • Exactly what kind of hot tub you own, how much water is in it, and how it works.
  • The ability to assess and address any problem you have with your hot tub without asking for help.
  • Everything you need to know in one guide, so you no longer have to rely on everyone else giving you conflicting information.

You Don’t Have to Go Through This Bulls**t Anymore!

We took out all the guesswork and stripped hot tub maintenance to the bare bones.

  • No Fluff! Each word has been carefully chosen so you can read and move on to using your hot tub.
  • Fully illustrated with links to videos and online content.
  • Printable resources: including a profile sheet, maintenance schedule, cheat sheet, and shopping checklist.
  • Read it on any device (with how-to videos).
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