We've developed some awesome tactics for keeping your hot tub clean and clear. Your hot tub is meant for soaking; not sulking.

This ebook and video course will teach you how to set up your hot tub so you don't have to worry.

We lay out a simple schedule you can follow for filter maintenance, cover cleaning, water testing, and chemistry.

Hot Tub Maintenance

We get the same questions over and over again. Why can't I keep a chlorine reading? How much shock and chlorine or bromine should I put in? Why is the pH always high or low?.

Hot Tub chemistry can be very simple as long as you understand the fundamentals. The hard part is tuning out the noise. Every hot tub professional has a different approach to water chemistry.

In this ebook, we explain what chemicals you need and which ones you don't. We even included chemical dosing charts so you'll always know how much to add without second guessing.

The Lean Hot Tub Chemistry Philosophy says to only add the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean and clear, and nothing more. This section alone will save you hundreds of dollars a year from buying chemicals you simply don't need.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Click on the pages below to see a larger version of some sample pages that are in The Hot Tub Handbook.

Hot Tub Water Care Page Know Your Hot Tub Page Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub Page Hot Tub Cover Page Clean Hot Tub Filters Page Digital Water Test Page Hot Tub Pump Leak Page Green Hot Tub Water Page

Here's a list of all the chapters and sections in The Hot Tub Handbook.

1. How to Use This Handbook

A quick explainer on how to use this interactive handbook.

2. Know Your Hot Tub

As you prepare to indulge in your oasis, but before you soak yourself into oblivion, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your hot tub.

3. All About Swim Spa Care

Larger than a hot tub, yet smaller than a swimming pool, a swim spa allows you to swim distance without actually going anywhere.

4. How to Start Your Hot Tub

The first time you start up your hot tub, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by filters, chemicals, pumps, and jets. Follow our guide, and before you know it, you’ll be a pro.

5. How to Restart Your Hot Tub

Now you know how to start your hot tub when you first install it. But what about after it’s been closed for the winter?

6. Water Care and Hot Tub Chemistry

Water care is most important aspect of hot tub ownership. Learn about all the chemicals you need, when to add (and in what order), and how to test for them.

7. How to Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

Chemical buildup, body oils, dead skin cells, cosmetics, and other funky things accumulate in your hot tub water over time. The solution is to regularly drain and refill your hot tub.

8. How to Clean Your Hot Tub

There are four parts of your tub that need regular cleaning. Learn the best ways to clean these, making sure you keep them in good working order.

9. All About Salt Water Hot Tubs

If you have a salt water hot tub, or looking to install a salt water chlorinator, you can skip to this section to get all the information you need to care for you hot tub with salt water.

10. Cover Care and Maintenance

Save money by learning how to get the most life out of your hot tub cover and how to tell when it’s time for a new one.

11. How to Winterize Your Hot Tub

If you don’t use your hot tub during the cold, winter months, use this section to learn how to properly shut down and winterize your hot tub.

12. Troubleshooting Common Water Problems

Even if you stick to the perfect water care routine, you may still run into the occasional problem. If you’ve got funky water, we’ve got the best way to fix it.

13. Troubleshooting Common Hot Tub Problems

Got a problem with your hot tub mechanics? With this troubleshooting information, you’ll be able to decide whether you can fix it yourself, or if calling a professional is the best bet.

14. How to Save Energy, Money, and the Environment

With the right approach to hot tub ownership, you can save big. Not only can smart choices help you spend less money while enjoying your spa, but if you adopt a few simple practices, you’ll also save energy while helping the environment.

15. Additional Resources

This section includes a hot tub care checklist, chemical dosing charts, recommended gear, and a glossary of common hot tub terms.

Here's a Sneak Peek At One Lesson in The Hot Tub Care Video Course

We'll walk you through taking care of your hot tub efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to help you save money and keep your hot tub clean with little effort. Here's the 15 video lessons you can watch instantly:

An Introduction To Hot Tub Care

1. An Introduction To Hot Tub Care (6:20)

A quick overview of the entire video course and what you'll learn.

The Anatomy of a Hot Tub

2. The Anatomy of a Hot Tub (10:21)

Figure out which type of spa you own so you can better maintenance your hot tub.

Cleaning a Hot Tub Like a Pro

3. Cleaning a Hot Tub Like a Pro (7:36)

Do you know how to keep your hot tub super clean? You'll find out.

Draining and Refilling a Hot Tub

4. Draining and Refilling a Hot Tub (7:04)

Learn the ins and outs and whys of draining, refilling, and cleaning your hot tub.

An Introduction to Hot Tub Chemistry

5. An Introduction to Hot Tub Chemistry (4:10)

Better water chemistry will be the key to hot tub care success.

Testing Hot Tub Water Accurately

6. Testing Hot Tub Water Accurately (3:34)

Learn the best ways to test your hot tub water so you know what chemicals you need to add.

Balancing Hot Tub Water

7. Balancing Hot Tub Water (6:10)

If you keep your water balanced, then your sanitizers will work more effectively.

Sanitizing Hot Tub Water

8. Sanitizing Hot Tub Water (6:53)

Keep your friends and family (and you) safe from bacteria and other contaminants that can lurk in your hot tub.

Hot Tub Chemicals To Keep On Hand

9. Hot Tub Chemicals To Keep On Hand (5:08)

Here are some chemicals for your hot tub you should always have ready in case you need it.

An Introduction to Pool Cleaning

10. Winterizing a Hot Tub (4:55)

A guide to closing your hot tub down for the winter.

Hot Tub Cover Care and Maintenance

11. Hot Tub Cover Care and Maintenance (6:34)

Keep your cover light, long-lasting, and free of odor with these tips.

Troubleshooting Hot Tub Water Problems

12. Troubleshooting Hot Tub Water Problems (5:29)

Got problems with your hot tub water? This lesson will teach you how to fix them quickly.

Saving Money and Energy with a Hot Tub

13. Saving Money and Energy with a Hot Tub (9:28)

Save yourself money, time, and energy by investing in the right tips.

The Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist

14. The Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist (2:04)

The best way to keep your hot tub clean is starting with this FREE lesson (see above)

Additional Resources for Hot Tub Owners

15. Additional Resources for Hot Tub Owners (3:11)

A list of websites, blogs, and YouTube channels to learn more about taking care of your hot tub.

Todd Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Todd Cofer

I searched all over the internet trying to educate myself on hot tubs and hot tub upkeep. Then I found Swim University and their handy hot tub handbook. This is your one stop shop for everything hot tub. I am looking forward to showing off all my new skills to my neighbors.
lynda Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Lynda Preslar

The Hot Tub Handbook has been very helpful to me as I knew nothing about which chemicals to use of how often to check the water, etc. I'm looking forward to keeping it in excellent condition with as few chemicals as possible. I also love the idea of you sending ebook updates in the future without charging for them.
Matt Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Matt Quistberg

The handbook was concise, informative, and most of all, useful in training me how to maintain our spa. After acquiring the correct chemicals and parts, the results were immediate improvements to the operation and water quality of the spa. Thanks for writing this handbook.
Sandy Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Sandy M.

The Hot Tub Hand Book is easy to understand, with practical tips and suggestions. Other info were confusing; I needed a Chemist's Degree! However, this guide was easy to understand and apply to my real-world hot tub situations. It's definitely worth the money!
Marty Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Marty A.

I'm extremely grateful for the handbook because it simplified EVERYTHING. I was stressed out about our swim spa and how I would be able to maintain it. Your approach is awesome and informative and the videos are well done!
Chris Hot Tub Handbook Testimonial

Chris R.

I inherited a hot tub and was clueless. I found The Hot Tub Handbook and bought it instantly. Five days later, I had a sparkling clean tub. The book is easy to read, well designed, full of illustrations, hints, tips and buying advice.

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The Hot Tub Handbook is an easy-to-read digital illustrated guide for new and veteran owners. It’s designed to take the confusion and frustration out of hot tub maintenance so that you can focus on enjoying it.

In The Hot Tub Handbook, you will learn:

  • The easiest hot tub chemical guide ever illustrated, taking all the guesswork out of the water chemistry.
  • The secrets to handling green or cloudy water without breaking the bank.
  • How to save a TON of money by taking better care of your hot tub, using only what you need.
  • Hacks to keeping your hot tub clean and clear all year long.
  • Exactly what kind of hot tub you own, how much water is in it, and how it works.
  • The ability to assess and address any problem you have with your hot tub without asking for help.
  • Everything you need to know in one guide, so you no longer have to rely on everyone else giving you conflicting information.

We took out all the guesswork and stripped hot tub maintenance to the bare bones.

  • No Fluff! Each word has been carefully chosen so you can read and move on to using your hot tub.
  • Fully illustrated with links to videos and online content.
  • Printable resources: including a profile sheet, maintenance schedule, cheat sheet, and shopping checklist.
  • Read it on any device (with how-to videos).
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