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Hot Tub Sex: Myths, Facts, and Reasons Why We Love it

For a blog about swimming pools and hot tubs, this subject needs to be discussed. Even though it may seem taboo, or a little embarrassing to talk about, it’s something we’ve all thought about at one point or have actually accomplished.

Hot Tub Sex: Myths, Facts, and Reasons Why We Love it

Why Do We Love the Idea of Having Sex in a Hot Tub?

Since the dawn of man, sex has been an important part of life. Without it, we would not be able to pro-create and expand our species. The bonus is that it feels good and we love doing it, so to speak. But why in hot tubs?

Warm Water = Relaxation

Relaxation is something we all strive for. We built La-Z-Boy recliners to veg out. We invented television to kick back. But the primal sense of relaxation we get from soaking in hot water is unmatched and may be the oldest form of relaxation.

Why wouldn’t we want to combine that same relaxing feeling with the awesome feeling of having sex and relaxing after? It’s like combining the best of both worlds.

I remember an episode of Seinfeld where George decided to combine his two three favorite things: sex and food…and TV. He started having hot flashes during lunch. Funny, but true – not the hot flashes part, although that could happen I guess.

Movies and TV

There are a handful of movies that I can think of off the top of my head that depict some form of hot tub love-making (not including the countless porn movies that depict a more graphic version):

  • Back To School (1986) starring Rodney Dangerfield
  • Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) starring Tom Hanks
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) starring Sean Penn
  • Out Cold (2001) starring Zach Galifianakis
  • About Schimdt (2002) starring Jack Nicholson
  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) starring Mike Myers
  • Boogie Nights (1997) starring Mark Wahlberg
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) starring Matthew Broderick

Charlie Wilson's War Hot Tub Scene

You can also blame television, and not just for hot tub sex. Just remind yourself to keep an eye out for an erectile dysfunction drug commercial, like Viagra or Cialis. They will sometimes include a shot of a couple in water, whether it’s the bath, beach, or swimming pool.

The greatest pin-point example has to be from The View when they interviewed the cast of The Jersey Shore. Not to sound biased here, but you should never take advice from anyone who appears on The Jersey Shore, for any reasons whatsoever. Seriously!

The cast of The Jersey Shore talk about hot tub sex

Joy Behar asks the cast, “There’s a lot of sex on the show. Do you use condoms?” The Situation claimed that, in fact, he did use condoms. However, when asked if they used protection in the hot tub, The Situation said, “It’s really hot water, it takes care of business.”

Again, you should never take advice from the cast of The Jersey Shore!!!

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Do You Need to use Protection in the Hot Tub While Having Sex?

Short answer: YES!!!

You should always practice safe sex, whether it be on dry land or underwater. That means use condoms. This will help protect against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

If women decided to use a form of birth control, that doesn’t mean you can go condom-free. Most female contraceptives will not protect against STDs.

I contacted Desiree McClary, Consumer Relations for Reckitt Bencksier – makers of Durex® condoms, who responded by saying,

There has been no research into the performance of condoms when they are used in or underwater. The risk of slippage, for example, might increase when used in such circumstances. The salt in seawater would not have adverse effects on condom materials, there is a strong possibility that the chemicals used in swimming pools (chlorine and ozone, for example) would. The presence of bath oils or other substances in the water or applied in the shower may have an adverse effect on the properties of the latex condom material.

Some notes about using condoms in water:

  • Water will wash off condom lubricants. This can cause an unpleasant feeling and may cause the condom to break.
  • DO NOT use oil-based lubricants with condoms. They are known to weaken the condom and cause it to break.
  • A condom has a better chance slipping off if water gets inside it.
  • Put condoms on outside of the water and start having sex out of the water too.

Can a Woman Get Pregnant in a Hot Tub?

Short answer: YES!!!

I want to clear one thing up right away. If you are not actively having sex in a hot tub, you cannot get pregnant from rogue sperm in the water. Also, the water is not hot enough to kill the sperm inside the testes, so that means the sperm still works.

However, if sperm is released into the hot tub, the warm water or chemicals will kill it within seconds. So fear not.

Now that we’ve cleared those myths up, you can still get pregnant by having unprotected sex in a hot tub, the same as you would on dry land. There is no evidence that points to even a reduced chance.

Water does not act as a contraceptive!

Can You Get an Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) in a Hot Tub?

Short answer: YES!!!

I would hope by now you get the fact that hot tub water changes nothing while having sex. You can still get pregnant and you can still contract an STD. This is why it’s extremely important that you practice safe sex no matter where you choose to do it.

Other Health Risks to Having Hot Tub Sex

According to Dawn Stacey M.Ed, LMHC on

Although hormonal methods may protect against pregnancy, they do not provide any defense against STDs. Additionally, having sex in the water could also increase the likelihood of a woman getting a urinary tract infection and/or a yeast infection.

Remember that this website is all about pool and hot tub care. We strongly recommend that if you’re going to partake in some hot tub hanky panky, that you do it in clean, sanitized water. Dirty water can cause health issues for anyone and everyone.

Water Chemistry

Having sex in a hot tub will not affect the water chemistry any differently than just soaking in it. Our bodies excrete all types of fluids that can affect the water balance, including sweat.

In fact, sperm is just like any other body fluid that we introduce into the water. Your sanitizer will kill it, and it will be filtered out. However, I would like to suggest that you avoid doing that in the water. I wouldn’t want to be the next person in the hot tub.

If it accidentally happens, just drain and refill!

Practice Safe Hot Tub Sex

I recommend that you avoid having sex in the hot tub, swimming pool, or underwater at all. It may seem cool and sexy, but it can cause some real pleasure problems.

However, if you MUST try it or continue to do so, here are some tips to help you practice safe hot tub loving:

  • Make sure the water is balanced and sanitized before using. For more information, check out our post on hot tub chemistry.
  • After you’re finished, make sure the water is balanced and sanitized. If any accidents occur, drain and refill.
  • Have a partner. The hot tub itself is not your partner. Keep out of the jets!

zach Galifianakis hot tub scene in Out Cold

Happy Soaking!

Hot Tub Sex: Myths, Facts, and Reasons Why We Love it

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Last Updated: Thursday, November 29th, 2012