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A Brand New Way To Workout Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: Hot Tub Yoga!

This is a Hot Tub Yoga workout video for beginners who are craving a new way to enjoy their hot tub.

The idea came shortly after the release of our Hot Tub Yoga infographic, which includes a lot of the poses you’ll find in this video. We were happy to team up with certified yoga instructor, Jackie Walther.

What Hot Tub Yoga Can Do For You?

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise you can do for both your body and mind. It’s effective for both building strength and helping you to relax. But for some, yoga can be quite challenging. It requires you to bend, stretch and balance in ways you may never have imagined you could.

Happily, Hot Tub Yoga for Beginners offers a distinct advantage over yoga on dry land: the combination of yoga poses, the buoyancy of the warm water, and the seating and sides of the hot tub.

This allows you to find more flexibility and support than you typically would in a studio with just a mat—and you can perform it in the privacy of your own backyard. You can use any kind of hot tub, any size, any model, and follow the program at your own pace.

Your workout is led by Jackie, a certified Yoga instructor, who takes you through the basics of Hatha Yoga in your hot tub with ease.

She starts with a simple warm-up you can do inside or outside near your hot tub. Then, she moves into the hot tub to start a series of simple, invigorating poses in and out of the water.

With this Hot Tub Yoga for Beginners video, you will…

We want Hot Tub Yoga workouts to be for everyone, no matter where you live or what your fitness experience is. That’s why this session is shot in a real backyard, not a set or studio. You’ll even notice kids’ playthings in the background! So get your suit on and your towel ready.

Hot Tub Yoga brings you everything there is to love about yoga, hot yoga, hot tub relaxation, and more!

“One of the best and most relaxing workouts I’ve had in a long time! The warm water makes doing yoga poses so much easier. I truly enjoyed this more than exercising on the floor.” – Darlene Matthews

Hot Tub Yoga Poses and Exercises In This Video

  1. Sun Salutations Warm-Up (5 minutes)
  2. Breathing (1 minute)
  3. Bandhas (1 minute)
  4. Drishti (1 minute)
  5. The Sound of Peace (30 seconds)
  6. Warrior One (1 minute)
  7. Warrior Two (3 minutes)
  8. Side Plank (1 minute)
  9. Seated Chair Twist (1 minute)
  10. Eagle Pose (3 minutes)
  11. Airplane Pose (3 minutes)
  12. Tree Pose (3 minutes)
  13. Seated Leg Raise (3 minutes)
  14. Triangle Pose (3 minutes)
  15. Pyramid Pose (3 minutes)
  16. Camel Pose (1 minute)
  17. Modified Child’s Pose (2 minutes)
  18. Hip Openers (2 minutes)
  19. Modified Marichyasana A (2 minutes)
  20. Modified Marichyasana B (2 minutes)
  21. Boat Pose (2 minutes)
  22. Lotus Pose (2 minutes)
  23. Cooling Down (5 minutes)

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