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About Swim University®

We Simplify Pool and Hot Tub Care

Taking care of your pool or hot tub is complicated. And it's hard to find reliable advice. We offer easy-to-understand videos and articles on pool and hot tub care. Our 30+ years of experience help you save time and money.

Meet The Founder

Matt Giovanisci has been teaching pool and hot tub care for over 30 years. Starting in 1993, he personally helped thousands of pool and hot tub owners in New Jersey solve their problems.

In 2006, he launched SwimUniversity.com to share his knowledge and unique teaching style with the world.

Since then, Swim University simplified pool and hot tub care for more than 10 million homeowners (and growing) with water chemistry, cleaning, and troubleshooting.

Matt Giovanisci Founder of Swim University

Trusted By Pool & Spa Owners Since 2006

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  • We're a Small Family Business

    What started as a one-man side-project in New Jersey has grown into a family team in Colorado.

    Matt Giovanisci

    Matt Giovanisci

    Founder & CEO

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    Steph Halligan

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    Chris Giovanisci

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