About Swim University

Making Pool and Hot Tub Care Easy

Swim University makes taking care of your swimming pool or hot tub simple. We provide weekly articles, videos, and online tools that will even help save you money!

Taking care of your pool or spa can be confusing, especially the water chemistry. But it doesn’t have to be.

If you have a question, or dealing with an issue, just reach out to us. You don’t have to be an expert or a backyard chemist. You just need to know the basics.

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We Value our Partnerships

Consumers rely on Swim University as a trusted resource. This makes us valued partners to advertisers who seek to target our loyal audience. We help them connect through our online content and new business ventures.

Our desire to influence and inspire extends beyond online media. This includes building a strong community and developing lasting business relationships. We strive to make a positive difference with those we come into contact with every day.

We’re headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, but our team spans across the globe.

The Birth of Swim University

We built Swim University in 2007. Matt Giovanisci, a former pool and spa care nerd created the site to help owners around the world.

Matt started working in his hometown pool store at 13 year old. He’s worked at three pool companies as both a retail and service manager. He’s helped thousands of people take care of their pools and hot tubs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

He’s written for Aqua Magazine, Pool & Spa News, Pool & Spa Marketing (Canada), and Splash! (Australia). Pool & Spa News made him a centerfold in a 2013 issue of up-and-coming industry professionals.

Matt Giovanisci

Our Team

We started as a one-man show. In 2015, we grew!

  • Matt GiovanisciFounding Father
  • Michelle LoweryWord Wizard
  • Razvan MiclausGraphic Guru
  • Kayla SloanSocial Scientist
  • Matt BasaraVideo Veteran

What People Are Saying About Swim University

“Thank you so much for the video on how to change the sand in your filter. It worked out great! Two hours total time.”
– Dennis Christy

“Matt completely embodies his goal of Swim University, and shares incredible information and advice. He offers more value than anyone would expect, and brings new meaning to “above and beyond. Matt is always ready to lend a hand or offer advice.”
– Monique Nelson, Flexible Solutions

“I work for a swimming pool company and I admire Swim University. They present better qualified, better organized and better information to the general public. Thank you for having a site that wants to inform and educate its readers. Your integrity and dedication to constant improvement set you apart. Keep it up.”
David Brown

“I like when I can find a good, accurate, reliable source of information. This goes for anything and everything. That’s why I respect Swim University and Matt Giovanisci. To separate fact from fiction, dealers’ and manufactures’ hype from solid info. This is what responsible tub owners want. I just want one “go to” guy who knows his stuff. Who respects himself and his clients, is clear and honest, and has great sense of humor, to boot.”
– Chris Conwell