Swim University®

Brand Assets

We like to make things simple. Here are assets for your reviews, interviews, and anywhere else you mention our brand.


We use two sets of colors depending on the topic. Our main brand colors are blue and orange. For all action buttons, we use a light orange background with black text. Our brand colors meet WCAG Compliance (AA & AAA) for web accessibility.

Pool Primary#275A86
Pool Secondary#DF7B01
Hot Tub Primary#FFC857
Hot Tub Secondary#FFC857
Main Action#FFC857


We use two main sans-serif fonts in our brand communications. Both are available through Google Fonts. Our goal is to make our text easy-to-read for everyone.

Poppins Bold For Headings
Arial is used for body copy (web safe). On white backgrounds we use 18px font size and black for contrast (#000000). On light backgrounds text appears in a dark grey (#777777) and on colored backgrounds we use white or black depending on the color.