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An Easy Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance is key, in life and in hot tub care. Just as regular trips to the gym and the mechanic are the keys to bodily and automotive health, regular maintenance is a must for a hot tub to function over the long term. This is necessary not only for its mechanical well-being, but for its sanitation- and therefore for your health.

The most vital part of any hot tub maintenance routine is consistency. No plan works if you don’t stick to it. Create a schedule that works with yours, planning checks and cleanings when you know you’ll be around.

Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

By creating a simple but consistent routine, what seems like a daunting task will become easy and almost automatic after a few weeks. Conditions and needs for each hot tub can vary depending on make, size and preferred chemicals, but here are the universal “musts” for every hot tub care plan:

Daily: At least once a day…

  1. Check the spa cover. Any exposed water could complicate the chemical balance you’re trying to maintain, and a cover that’s been bumped into or shifted could go unnoticed long enough to cause a problem. Here’s some information on how to clean a hot tub cover.
  2. Check the water temp. Besides the need to keep the water at a certain minimum temperature, even when not in use, a drastic change could signal a malfunction.
  3. Check for damage or fallen debris. Especially in the case of outdoor spas, it’s advisable (and easy) to take a quick peek once a day.

Semi-daily: Around 3 times a week…

  1. Check sanitizer levels. Checking and adjusting the sanitizer levels will keep the spa water in optimum condition.
  2. Check pH Balance. The balance of the water is the most important part of hot tub water chemistry. By keeping a perfectly balanced hot tub, you’ll ensure the safety of your friends and family. Check the alkalinity and pH levels.
  3. Clean above the water line. Debris from the dry shell can contaminate the water.

Hot Tub Chemistry 101

Keeping your hot tub chemistry in check is not only important for your tub, but also for the people in it. Check out our complete guide to hot tub care.

Weekly: Or semi-weekly…

  • Clean the spa filters. This will depend on use, so begin by checking the filters weekly, and determine how often they need to be cleaned. Three weeks, however, is the maximum.

How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

You should clean hot tub filters weekly, monthly, and each time you refill. In this VIDEO tutorial, I'll you how to clean hot tub filters with 3 methods.

Monthly: Once a month…

  1. Condition the cover. The spa cover is the first line of defense, and it takes a beating (especially outside). Take care of this often under-appreciated accessory by using a chemical conditioner that will increase the life of the cover. For the spa’s sake, you’ll be glad you did.
  2. Clean the cabinet. A fresh cabinet is the mark of a truly conscientious spa owner.

And finally: Every 3 months or so…

  • Drain and refill the tub. After draining, thoroughly clean the spa’s interior, including the jets. How often you do so will depend on usage, but 4 months in between cleanings should be the max.

How to Drain and Clean a Hot Tub

You should drain and clean your hot tub every 3 - 4 months. I'll teach you how to drain and clean a hot tub properly with just a few steps.

A little work, regularly, will avoid the need for major repairs down the road. Take care of your spa, and it will take care of you.

Happy Soaking!

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Last Updated: Thursday, March 12th, 2015