Why Does My Hot Tub Have a Weak and Low Water Flow?

Nothing can ruin your warm, bubbling soak in a hot tub faster than weak and low water flow. Believe it or not, it is one of the most common problems hot tub owners face.

Thankfully, it is a problem that you can solve yourself without the need to call in a professional. Today, let’s examine some of the most common causes of weak and low water flow in a hot tub and what you need to do to fix it.

Check Your Filter

Dirty or bad filters could be the cause of your low water flow issues. Check your filter and give it a good cleaning. If it is starting to show signs of its age, consider replacing it entirely. Once replaced, give your hot tub a test to see if the water flow issues have vanished.

Mind Your Water Level

While this may sound easy, water levels are often overlooked even by experienced hot tub owners. Low water levels can cause major water flow issues. First, check your water level to make sure it is where it should be. Then, take a closer look at your skimmer to see if any debris is blocking the flow of water. If your water level is starting to get a little low, just add water and then retry your system to see if the flow returns to normal.

Inspect Your Pump

Another common problem are issues with your hot tub’s pump. Check to see if the pump is running on your hot tub. If it isn’t, then you need to check the voltage on the pump.  If there is voltage, then your pump will need to be repaired or replaced. However, if there isn’t, you could have a bigger electrical problem on your hands.

Please be careful, electricity and water don’t mix well. Not everyone is an electrician, and that’s okay. If you aren’t comfortable working on these systems, please call a professional.

Air Locks

Air locks are quite common on a hot tub, especially after you do a water change. If you are just opening your hot tub for the season, this is probably the most likely cause of water flow problems. To fix this, simply bleed the air out of the system.

Look for small bleed screws at the end of the pump and open them all to let the air out. Some systems even have a screw on the top of the pump as well. Always make sure the system is off when you are doing this and make sure you close them quickly to prevent water from spraying once the air has escaped.

Once you bleed the air, turn the hot tub on and see if your water flow has returned to normal. In some cases, you may have to bleed the system more than once to get all the air trapped in your hot tubs system.

Inspect Those Jets

Sometimes, you will notice you have good flow out of some jets, while some jets are barely limping along. In this case, check for worn out jet seals, and then check all nozzles for any debris that could be blocking the flow of water.

If it is all of your jets, look for broken gate valves and double check your water level to be sure it isn’t too low. Check the wet end of your pump to see if something is blocking the water flow or to see if you have a broken propeller.


If you use an ozonator and are having problems with your hot tub, give the valves a good look and consider bypassing it for testing purposes. In some cases, the valves connecting the ozonator to your hot tub can begin to wear out or even become blocked by debris. Clean them out or replace them and then test your system to see if your water flow returns to normal.


While frustrating, weak and low water flow is a common problem in a hot tub, so you may as well prepare yourself for the day when it does happen to your hot tub. Remember, most of these issues you can easily solve yourself, but if you are unsure what you should do, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals, especially if the problem is related to the electrical systems. In most cases, you should be able to solve the problem yourself so you can get back to enjoying those nice warm soaks with jets that are pumping out the water the way they were designed to do.

Happy Soaking!

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