Spa Frog Mineral System For Hot Tubs Review

King Technology (The Makers of Frog Pool & Spa products) sent me a Spa Frog Floating Mineral System that I used in my friend’s hot tub. After testing it for a few days, I was a huge fan of it! Mainly because of the ease-of-use and the fact that it uses minerals as a sanitizer.

The SPA FROG Floating System creates fresh mineral water in your hot tub, which keeps the water sanitized without using a lot of standard chemicals, like chlorine or bromine. It’s a dual system which includes a mineral cartridge and a small amount of bromine for backup sanitation. It reduces bromine use significantly (from 2 or 3ppm to 1ppm) which prevents faded swimsuits and possible bleaching on surfaces.

If you’re not a fan of constantly adding bromine or chlorine powder to your hot tub, this is perfect for you! It’s also easy with long lasting cartridges that are pre-filled for no measuring and no mess. With less effect on pH, there’s less monitoring and adjusting water balance too. I’m all about pool care automation, and this is as close as it gets for the price.

Also, with mineral water, the spa has a soft feeling on your skin and a fresh smell. And mineral water is EPA registered as an effective bacteria remover so you can feel confident that the water is as clean as it looks.

How Does The Spa Frog Work?

Inside you’ll find two cartridges: mineral and bromine. They attach to the floating device after setting them to the recommend number. This unit floats in your hot tub, keeping it sanitized at all times until it’s time to replace.

The mineral cartridge will last until your next drain and refill, which should be in 4 months. The bromine cartridge will need to be replaced as needed, so keep a few of them on hand.

Inside the box you’ll also find a FROG Jump Start packet, which shocks the hot tub with a unique effervescent action that tells you it’s hard at work while also helping the dichlor dissolve quickly before it falls on the floor of the spa. You’ll also get some FROG 4-Way Test Strips to help you find the right bromine level for FROG products, and keep an eye on pH levels.

After using the product, and already being a huge fan of mineral sanitation, I decided to give this product the Swim University Smart Buy seal of approval. I highly recommend hot tub owners to try it for themselves, no matter what system your currently using.

Here is some more information about The Spa Frog Floating Mineral System and where you can find it. It works for any hot tub up to 600 gallons. Check it out for yourself.

Happy Soaking!

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