5 Best Digital Pool Thermometers

Digital pool thermometers are the best way to tell what the temperature of your swimming pool is. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but not all pool thermometers are the same. There are two different categories of thermometers: digital and standard mercury ones. And you can have a floating or handheld one.

5 Best Digital Pool Thermometers

Mercury-filled floating thermometers can be damaged from either severe weather or swimmers. If they break, you could have a real mess on your hands, including mercury in the water and broken plastic. Not to mention broken glass that could rip your liner, or worse, hurt a swimmer.

Here are the best 5 digital pool thermometers that I recommend.

1. Hydro Tools Digital Pool Thermometer
List Price: $16.99
Price: $12.98
You Save: $4.01 (24%)

It floats, it’s easy to read and it’s DIGITAL! What more could you ask for? It comes with 2 AA batteries, so it won’t be hard to find batteries when they run out, and you can use rechargeable batteries if you’re looking to be more Eco-friendly. You can secure it to a ladder or deck using the supplied nylon cord, or you can simply place it in your skimmer basket.

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2. Raytek Infared Thermometer
List Price: $69.98
Price: $69.98
You Save:

A point and shoot laser thermometer. Just aim the device at the water in your pool (preferably the center of your pool), hit the trigger and the temperature will display on the screen. It’s a very handy device, literally! You can also use it for cooking.

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3. VioProducts Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Floating Thermometer
List Price: $19.99
Price: $19.99
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This is a multi-functional thermometer that monitors both water and indoor/outdoor temperatures. It even records the temperatures so you can view the increases and decreases in water temp over time. You can also set an alarm for when your pool reaches a certain temperature which is perfect for finding the perfect time in the day to swim at the temperature you like.

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4. NEEWER® Professional Wireless Digital Swimming Pool SPA Floating Thermometer
List Price:
Price: $23.88
You Save:

Floating thermometer with built-in digital display transmits temperature data to the indoor temperature display station. Sensor range of up to 300 feet allows flexible placement of the temperature display station within your home. Audio and visual alarm alerts you if temperature is not within your defined range. Convenient frost warning feature activates when pond water temperatures drops below 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

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5. Poolmaster Floating Digital Thermometer
List Price: $36.28
Price: $36.24
You Save: $0.04 (0%)

This simple, floating digital pool thermometer has a large easy-to-read LCD display which includes temperatures to 1/10th of a degree and a long-life battery.

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NOTE: Make sure to remove all digital thermometers when adding chemicals to the pool.

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5 Best Digital Pool Thermometers

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    Your #1 there, most reviews on Amazon gives it 1 star for being total junk.

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    Unfortunately, these are the best of what’s out there.

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    Bought this last year, still going strong.

    From Home Depot

    AcuRite Model # 00617HDSBA2
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    Wireless Digital Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer