How to Get Rid of Yellow Algae in a Hot Tub

Do you have something floating in your hot tub water that looks like sand? It could be yellow algae.

Yellow algae can be particularly troublesome to remove, but we are here to help. Check out the steps you need to take to get rid of yellow algae in a hot tub and keep it from coming back.

What Is Yellow Algae?

Yellow algae, also known as mustard algae, is a rare form of algae found most commonly in areas with a warmer climate. However, that doesn’t mean your hot tub won’t get it. Remember, your hot tub is warm, providing the perfect environment for mustard algae to flourish.

Yellow algae is very tough to get rid of and has even been known to be chlorine resistant. That means if you do get it in your hot tub, you must be very thorough if you want to get rid of it once and for all.

Steps to Get Rid of Yellow Algae

If you have yellow algae in your hot tub, follow these steps to get rid of it so you can enjoy a clear and clean soak in your spa.

1. Clean Anything That’s Been in the Hot Tub

Spores for the algae can get on anything and everything they come in contact with, meaning you need to wash and disinfect everything that has been in your hot tub water. This means you need to machine wash any swimsuits you have used in the hot tub and disinfect with bleach and toys that you have taken into the spa with you.

2. Drain Your Hot Tub

Turn off the power to your hot tub and then drain all the water from your hot tub. This will get rid of a lot of the algae and make the rest easier to remove.

3. Clean/Replace Your Filter

Yellow algae can even live in your filter, so you must clean your filter thoroughly. However, to truly make sure you get rid of the algae, you may want to go ahead and replace your filter. Remember, there’s no harm in being thorough.

4. Scrub the Sides of Your Tub

With all the water gone, you are free to give the shell and all the fixtures a good scrubbing. Scrub the sides thoroughly with a good quality hot tub cleaner and don’t leave one fixture or piece of surface untouched.

5. Refill Your Hot Tub and Shock It

Now that the hot tub is completely clean, refill your hot tub and give the water a good shock. You may want to shock it more than once just to make sure all the algae is gone.

6. Test Your Water

Test your water and make sure the pH is between 7.4 and 7.6 and your total alkalinity is between 120 and 150 ppm (parts per million). This will help your shock do its job and kill that pesky algae once and for all.

7. Repeat these Steps If Necessary

Sometimes you won’t completely eliminate all the algae the first time. You may need to repeat these steps to get rid of it completely.

Prevent Yellow Algae’s Return

Like most contaminants, regular maintenance and care are key to preventing the algae from setting up shop in your hot tub. The following tips will help you put a stop to yellow algae once and for all:

Parting Thoughts

Yellow algae can be a tough problem to sort out, especially if you are new to the world of hot tub ownership. However, with a little work, you can get rid of that pesky algae once and for all. While it is resistant to chlorine, it is not immune. If you clean your hot tub right and keep your water balanced, you should be able to knock it out of the park.

Who wants to soak in yellow water? I know I don’t. Don’t let yellow algae take over your hot tub. If you see any, act fast to get rid of it once and for all so you can enjoy clean and clear water for your next soak.

Happy Soaking!

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