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How to Vacuum a Pool Manually

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There are two reasons to know how to vacuum a pool manually:

How to Vacuum a Pool Manually

What You’ll Need To Vacuum Your Pool


1. Attach the vac head to the open end of the telescopic pole.

2. Take one end of the hose and attach it to the top of the vac head. Use a hose clamp if the hose tends to slip off frequently.


3. Place the vac head, pole, and hose in the pool – all the way to the bottom so that the vac head rests on the floor of the pool.

4. With the pump and filter running, take the other end of the hose and put it up against a return jet in the pool. This will push water through the hose and get all the air out.


NOTE: Bubbles will come up from the vacuum head on the floor of the pool. Once the bubbles stop, all the air is out of the hose.


5. If a vacuum plate is NOT being used, remove the basket inside the skimmer, block (with your hand) the end of the hose that has been filled up with water, and bring it over and into the skimmer. Make sure the hose is inserted into the suction hole at the bottom of the skimmer.


If a vac plate is being used, attach it to the end of the hose that was up against the return jet, block the opening, and bring it over to the skimmer. Be sure to create a good seal or suction will be lost.

This will create the suction from the vac head, through the hose, into the skimmer, and through the filter system. Now, it’s time to vacuum the pool.

NOTE: if suction is lost, just repeat steps 4 and 5.

When it comes to manually vacuuming the pool, slow and steady wins the race. When trying to rush vacuum, it will just kick up debris, which will settle back down and forcing another vacuuming session.

At this time I would recommend getting an automatic pool cleaner if you don’t already have one. You will thank me :-)

Happy Swimming!

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Last Updated: Sunday, July 28th, 2013