The Internet is Changing The Way You Take Care of Your Pool

The Internet has changed the way we live. It’s become such a part of our lives that the name of an Internet company has become an actual term in a multitude of languages.

The most interesting part of the Internet, though, is exactly how much it has changed. Music, movies, and communication have all been changed thanks to the Internet. Even how we take care of our pools has changed.

If you are old enough to remember a time before Google, you know how hard it was to find the information you needed. You had to rely on local experts for your information and sometimes even they were hard to find.

Today, the Internet is revolutionizing how we learn about our pools and helping us care for them the right way.

Let’s take a moment to discuss exactly how the Internet is changing how we care of our pools by giving us the tools we need and showing us exactly what we need to and when we need to do it.

1. Purchasing Pool Products and Service Online

Online shopping is more popular than ever and is responsible for a major portion of sales for stores around the globe. The same goes for pool care products.

Online you can easily find everything you need to care for your pool and it has never been easier to order. You have to admit, when you run out of a chemical you need it’s inconvenient to hop into the car and drive to the store. With the Internet, you can order it and in just a couple of days it will be in your hands.

Online shopping goes far beyond just chemicals and cleaning tools for you pool. You can find pool toys, books on pool care, games and much more. Thinking about adding a heater? No problem. You can pick one up online in just a few short minutes. See?

Everything related to pools and pool care is easily available to buy online, so you should never have another excuse for not having what you need on hand. After all, it’s just a few clicks away.

2. Easy Access to Pool Care Information

The second major way the Internet is changing can be seen right here on this site. Just think about it. This site is filled with useful information to help you care for and enjoy your pool in ways you may not have even imagined.

This access to information can be quite empowering. You no longer have to rely on what the experts at your pool store tell you. You can look online and find out exactly what you need to do yourself. A quick browse here and you will find tips and advice on how to take care of just about every single part of your pool, and we are not the only ones out there.

Learning how to care for your pool the right way has never been easier, thanks to the Internet and a whole host of sites just like this one ready to help you.

3. Simple Water Quality Tracking

Today we have apps that will help you track your water quality and cleaning schedule right from your smartphone. These apps allow you to enter information about your pool and give you the ability to enter the information on your latest water tests.

Once you have all this information, it will help you remember when you need to test your water again and will make recommendations when you should add chemicals to your pool.

These apps are pretty good at sending you reminders and making it easy for you track your information, but they do require a little effort on your part. If you don’t enter everything in them every time you test your pool, they won’t be accurate. Still, you can get a good idea about your water quality from almost anywhere once you enter all the information.

4. Pool Monitoring and Maintenance from Anywhere

Of course, if you really want to open up the power of the Internet and relieve some of the work of owning a pool, you should consider a system like the one provided by pHin.

Their new system makes it easier than ever to care for your pool by simply taking advantage of the power of the Internet.

With the pHin pool monitors, you can easily monitor your pool 24/7 no matter where you are. Along with the system, you will get pre-measured chemicals that you can add to your pool when the app tells you its time.

Just think, with one little monitor and the Internet, you can keep track of your pool water quality and even have the proper chemicals sent to you to add. With a system like this, you never have to worry about your pool’s water ever again.

What Did We Learn about Pool Care and The Internet?

When it comes to our pools, the Internet has made it much easier to purchase the tools and supplies we need and it has created a convenient way for even new pool owners to learn how to take care of the pool. On top of that, you can now monitor your pool in real time and even add chemicals and balance your water from your couch or even your desk at work.

While it can’t take the place of every aspect of pool care, you can’t deny how much easier it is all thanks to the Internet. So fire up those apps from home or at work and start monitoring and caring for your pool today.

Happy Swimming!

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