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Mesh vs. Solid: Choosing the Right Pool Safety Cover

When it comes to buying a safety cover, you have to ask yourself, “what kind of pool owner am I?” Are you the lazy pool owner who bought an automatic pool cleaner, skimmer, solar cover, and completely automated the pool so you didn’t have to lift a finger? Or, are you the type of pool owner who finds it relaxing, or doesn’t mind taking care of the pool?

Mesh Vs. Solid: Choosing the Right Pool Safety Cover

The reason I ask is because, when choosing a safety cover, you have a few options. However, it really boils down to two – mesh vs. solid. There is a huge difference between mesh and solid safety covers. A mesh cover allows rain water and snow to seep through cover and into your pool. A solid cover requires a pump to take the water off the cover.

The Pros and Cons of Owning A MESH Safety Cover

Mesh Safety Cover


  • They are usually lighter than a solid cover and easy to take on and off your pool.
  • They allow rain and snow melt to seep through, which means you don’t have to pump water off the cover every time it rains.
  • When the cover is dry, the leaves dry and the wind blows them off. No need to sweep.


  • When leaves and debris collect on the cover, and it rains or the snow melts, all that dirty water is now in your swimming pool.
  • Requires a cover pump to drain the water from underneath the cover so your pool doesn’t overflow.
  • You have a stronger chance of opening up to a green pool in the spring if you don’t take the necessary steps to avoid this.
  • You will open your pool with a lot of debris at the bottom. This will require a little more work on your part to clean up.

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The Pros and Cons of Owning A SOLID Safety Cover

Solid Safety Cover


  • Keeps your pool water clean by protecting the water from rain, debris and snow melt.
  • You have a better chance of opening up to a clear pool if you close your pool correctly and open it early.


  • Heavier than a mesh cover to take on and off your pool.
  • Must drain the water off the cover – they make automatic pool cover pumps that you can leave on the cover all winter.

What About A Hybrid Cover?

With new technology, safety cover companies have developed a hybrid cover that takes the best of both worlds. Some companies offer a double mesh to keep the water that enters your pool cleaner than with just a mesh cover. There are also companies who make very tight solid covers that you don’t have to pump the water off because the tight cover makes it hard to collect puddles.

Are You Having A Hard Time Deciding?

The bottom line is, do you want the water to seep into the pool or don’t you? In the winter, some people don’t like to think about their pools. These people will often pick a mesh cover over a solid (I am one of those people).

A mesh cover makes taking care of the swimming pool in the winter very easy. They don’t have to pump the water off the cover,  get the leaves off, and it’s just as safe. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some maintenance.

That water that seeps in has to be drained from time to time.You can buy an automatic pool cover pump and leave it plugged in – no need to worry about it. However, with mesh covers, think of all those leaves, acorns, debris landing on top of your pool cover, and then it rains! You have now created a giant Mr. Coffee brewer, but instead of coffee, it’s leaves. That dirty water is going into your pool all winter long.

With a solid cover, you have a better chance of opening your pool with little or no mess to clean up. can open your pool up (depending on how you closed it). This is because solid covers stop are solid and don’t let anything in. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive and heavier.

Happy Swimming!

Mesh Vs. Solid: Choosing the Right Pool Safety Cover

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Last Updated: Thursday, September 20th, 2012