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27 Useful Smartphone Apps for Pools and Hot Tubs

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Today, there is an app for almost everything, including pool care. With just a few taps you can instantly access the latest information and check out how your water is holding up over the course of the swimming season.

There are many great apps out there that are perfect for both pool and spa care. So which one do you choose? We recommend that you give all of these a try and see which one works best for you based on your needs.

12 Useful Smartphone Apps for Pools and Hot Tubs

There are tons of apps out there and we’ve put together a list of exceptional smartphone apps for pools and hot tubs that you can download.

Smartphone Apps for Your Pool or Spa

Enough talk, I’m sure you are ready for me to get on with the list. Below you will find some of our favorite apps for your smartphone. Many of these apps can be found for both iPhone and Android phones.

1. Insta-Link Water Testing


Insta-Link is a free app that uses a special pool test strip to help you manage your pool. The app takes a photo of the test strip, then tells you exactly what chemicals you need to add! No hardware needed, but the test strips are available at the above link.

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2. Nimbus Pool Doctor


Nimbus pool doctor helps users balance the chemicals in their pool, and keeps a record of the treatments that they have completed in the past. It is a simple app that helps you as a pool owner balance the chemistry of your pool.

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3. Pool Calculator


Pool-Calculator does just what the name implies! It does the complex pool calculations for you. All you need to do is input accurate information about your pool (size, chem readings, etc) and it will tell you how much of each chemical to use.

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4. Pool Boy Pro


Pool Boy Pro includes multiple calculators, and charts so you can see the change in readings over time.

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5. The Pool Monitor Free


Pool Monitor Free is a free app (duh!) that helps you keep track of your pool readings, and helps calculate the correct chemical inputs for your pool.

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6. NSPF Suite of Apps


The National Swimming Pool Foundation has teamed up with inQ Mobile Apps to release a suite of iPhone apps for pool service operators. While a few of them can be used by homeowners, most of them are geared towards the pool service professional.

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7. Pool Smart


Pool Smart includes a checklist for managing your pool as well as a chemical calculator that shows you the exact amount of chemicals to use.

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8. Swim University


Shameless Plug: Did you know we have an iPhone app that allows you to read our wonderful and entertaining blog on-the-go or near your pool? Well, we do! You can download it here :-)

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Apps for Controlling Your Pool

9. Balboa Spa Control App


The Balboa Spa Control app lets you control your supported spa from Balboa. This app lets you directly control everything from temperature to filtration cycles. Note: This app only works if you have a Balboa brand system with Wifi, the list can be found at the above link.

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10. Zodiac iAquaLink


The Zodiac iAquaLink system is one of the most advanced pool management devices on the planet. If your pool has a Zodiac iAquaLink system installed, you can use the mobile app to manage everything about your pool. Things like lights, pumps, and temperature are easily changed right from your smartphone or tablet.

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11. Pentair ScreenLogic


The Pentair ScreenLogic app works much like the Zodiac App but works with the Pentair pump control systems. It supports changing all of your pool settings on the fly if you have the supported Pentair pump system.

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Apps for Managing Your Pool Service

12. Homely


Homely lets you wash your hands of servicing your pool yourself and helps you find a great pool service provider. Enter your pool information, and get instant quotes from local contractors and even book online. Homely even guarantees work by any contractor found on their system up to $10,000.

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13. Pool Pro Home


The perfect app for Android users who want to start tracking the status of their pool and its water quality, Pool Pro provides you all the tools you need to keep detail records and track how your water is doing over the course of the swim season.

If you are having trouble, the app will even give you a few tips to help you get your water quality under control.

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14. Pool Care


This app has everything you need to properly monitor your pool. Enter your chemical readings into the app and begin to track the water quality in minutes. It will even provide you with advice and recommendations on what you need to do in order to maintain the very best water quality in your pool.

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15. Pool Heater


A must have app for any of you that enjoy swimming during those cooler months, Pool Heater will communicate with your pool heater via Wi-Fi and allow you to set the temperature from the comfort of your home.

You can even schedule times for the heater to kick on and warm up the pool so it is ready to go when you want to have a swim no matter what the temperature may be outside.

Download Now


16. pHin Monitors


The pHin smart pool system is more than just an app. It is an all-in-one solution to your pool care issues. It will easily monitor your pool for you and let you check the status of your water quality in real time right from your smartphone with the included app.

If you are looking for the best way to transform your pool into a smart pool, this is the package for you.

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17. AquaChek Smart


If you use AquaChek test strips, this is the app for you. Designed to work alongside your test strips, caring for your water has never been easier thanks to this handy litle app. Use this app along with your test strips to easily read and track the results.

Download Now


18. Pool Pal


Another great tracking app that is currently available on the market, its multiple pool support is where this one really stands out. If you work on more than pool or if you are a pool professional, this a very handy tool for tracking an maintaining water on your pool plus others you have added to the app.

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19. Sunsmart


An app designed specifically for owners of Sundance Spas, this handy smartphone addition will help you track many aspects of your hot tub water. Some of these include chemical makeup, water quality and even temperature.

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20. Swim


This last app doesn’t really help you with pool care, but I believe it is something every pool owner should have. Especially if you have young kids.

Teaching your kids to swim can be fun, and with the help of this app from the Red Cross, it is easier than ever to do. It includes features such as activities that are safe for kids and even includes systems to help teach your kids how to swim.

Download Now


Apps For Controlling Your Hot Tub

Do you have trouble managing your hot tub? If so, there’s an app for that.

There are tons of different apps out there that you can install on your tablet or smartphone that can help you manage your hot tub and make daily maintenance of your spa much easier.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Your Hot Tub

Let’s examine some of the best mobile apps for your hot tub so you can make your hot tub maintenance much simpler and easier.

21. Balboa Smartphone App


The Balboa smartphone app is designed to work in conjunction with Balboa systems only and will allow you to control a variety of controls on your hot tub. You can control the temperature, your pumps, lights and much more. If you have a Balboa system, this is the one app you need to control your hot tub from your couch or virtually anywhere.

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22. Insta-Link Water Testing


The Insta-Link app is a free app that is designed to take the guess work out of your hot tub water chemistry. Using special test strips, you can easily test your water and the app will calculate exactly what you need to add to maintain the very best water quality in your spa. If water chemistry continues to be a mystery for you, then this app will make life so much easier for you

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23. AquaChek Smart


Another great water chemistry app, AquaChek uses test strips to help you test your water in a no mess, no fuss setup that is easy to do. The app will read your water quality and recommend what you need to add to it to keep the water in the best shape possible. Remember, your spa’s water needs to be in great shape in order to be safe, and this app will make it easy for you to keep it that way.

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24. MAAX Collection


It seems Balboa is the way to go with hot tub systems if you want to control your hot tub from anywhere in the world. This app will allow you to access your Balboa system and configure everything from your pump controls to lighting. Create timers to turn your pump on and off from the comfort of your couch with this app so you never have to worry about managing your hot tub again.

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25. Cloud Control


The Cloud Control app will let you control your Bullfrog spa right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices and will let you control a wide variety of hot tub settings from almost anywhere. Adjust your pump and filtration settings, change the temperature, and much more all from your smartphone with this handy little app created specifically for Bullfrog spas.

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26. Sunsmart


If you have a Sundance spa, then this is the app for you. This app will connect to your Sundance spa and give you control over almost every aspect of its controls including the lights, pump and much more. You can even set it to send you reminders about water maintenance and if there is a problem, it can even notify your dealer for you so they can dispatch a repair technician.

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27. Prolink App


Another great app for controlling your spa, this particular app has been designed to work with Jacuzzi brand spas. Schedule water care operations, adjust the temperature and even control your jets with this app from almost anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection both at home and on your smartphone.

Download Now


Balance your water chemistry, control your pumps, and heat your pool or hot tub from your smartphone!

If you haven’t stepped into the 21st century with your pool or hot tub management, now is the time. I think you will find it will make your maintenance so much easier.

It has never been easier to transform your pool into a smart pool than it is today. With these apps, you can simplify your pool care so you can spend more time swimming than you do taking care of your pool. While it won’t eliminate the work, it will make it go much faster.

Happy Swimming!

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Last Updated: Tuesday, July 16th, 2013