21 Ingenious Pool Toys and Floats For Adults

Pool Toys and Floats for Adults

Adults can have fun in the pool, too! We won’t squirt each other with water guns or go diving for numbered sticks — we have a different idea of fun (depending on who you are). Here’s 21 pool floats for adults (and toys) that weren’t intended for the young ones, but instead, for the young at heart.

1. Floating Beer Pong Table
List Price:
Price: $53.99
You Save:

Call your frat buddies or sorority sisters! Break out the red solo cups and cheap beer (or soft drink)! It’s time for an epic tournament of floating beer pong in the pool!

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2. Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter
List Price: $219.99
Price: $259.89
You Save:

Swim faster than Micheal Phelps…with a little helps (see what I did there?).

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3. Runway Splashmat
List Price: $879.99
Price: $799.95
You Save: $80.04 (9%)

A sturdy, flat pool float that can support a family of four or five…or make it a game and see how many people you can successfully balance on this float.

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4. Floating Table Tennis
List Price: $102.42
Price: $161.91
You Save:

Table tennis no longer has to be condemned to frat house basements and half-ass man caves. Grab a friend and challenge them to a game of table tennis (or ping pong) in the swimming pool.

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5. Floating Golf Green
List Price: $499.99
Price: $553.43
You Save:

Practice makes perfect, and if you can’t make it to the chip-and-putt to improve your short game, just go out back and hit a few rounds on this floating putting green. Warning: you have to retrieve the balls yourself — watch out for gators!

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6. Solstice Aqua Sofa
List Price: $122.93
Price: $114.99
You Save: $7.94 (6%)

Giant chairs that can fit your whole family don’t belong on your boring front porch — now they can float in your awesome swimming pool.

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7. Floating Corn Hole Game
List Price: $20.06
Price: $15.67
You Save: $4.39 (22%)

A classic tailgating game finally has an inflatable version for your pool. Skip paying $80 to get hammered and miss the football game because you’re too drunk to see straight.

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8. Remote Control Snack and Drink Pool Float

remote controlled drink float

If Rick Moranis from Honey I Shrunk the Kids had a swimming pool…

9. Remote Controlled Armored Drink Carrier (Land & Water)

remote controlled armored drink carrier

If Sylvester Stallone as Rambo from First Blood had a swimming pool…

10. Floating Speaker Pod
List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.99
You Save:

The pod that doesn’t need to be submerged in dry rice when it gets wet.

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11. Floating Sea-Doo Island Lounge with MP3 System
List Price: $469.99
Price: $469.99
You Save:

A float big enough to be considered a living room in your swimming pool.

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12. Kai No-Inflate Pool Lounger
List Price: $244.27
Price: $193.97
You Save: $50.30 (21%)

A soft cushion-y pool float that you don’t have to inflate. Why? Because it’s filled with buoyant foam beads!

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Gob: Bees??
Lindsey: No, beads!
Gob: Beads??
Michael: Gob’s not on board.

13. Floating Texas Hold'em Poker Table
List Price:
Price: $79.99
You Save:

Ok gentleman, the name of the game is Texas Hold’em where The River is a literal term. Ante up!

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14. Remote Controlled Boat/Pool Skimmer
List Price: $179.00
Price: $108.84
You Save: $70.16 (39%)

Put away your telescopic pole and skimmer net. Channel your inner-child and break out the RC pool skimmer. Little plastic boat captain included.

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15. Underwater Pool Bike Monte Carlo

Underwater Pool Bike

Working out on a stationary bike never felt so cool…literally. How Lance Armstrong would train if he owned a swimming pool — performance enhancing drugs excluded.

16. AhhQua Floating Pool Bar
List Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
You Save:

So long smoke-filled dive bar. Hello fun-filled dive bar.

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17. Intex Floating Cooler
List Price: $21.38
Price: $19.53
You Save: $1.85 (9%)

Heavy coolers filled with ice and drinks can really do a number on your aching back. With this cooler, there is no heavy-lifting involved. Just relax and float the cooler across the pool to parched friends.

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18. Remote Controlled Robotic Pool Cleaner
List Price: $1,199.99
Price: $880.00
You Save: $319.99 (27%)

Put away your telescopic pole, vacuum head and hose and channel your inner child by breaking out this RC robotic pool cleaner…I feel like I’ve said this before.

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19. Floating Pool Couch
List Price: $129.99
Price: $59.99
You Save: $70.00 (54%)

Perfect for money-starved college students, even better for college students relaxing by the pool on summer vacations. This brings a whole new meaning to couch surfing.

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20. Floating Pool Couch with Cooler
List Price: $93.70
Price: $48.78
You Save: $44.92 (48%)

This brings a whole new meaning to couch surfing! Hell yea!

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21. Floating Cabana Island
List Price: $329.99
Price: $260.85
You Save: $69.14 (21%)

Bring the tropical luxury of island cabanas into the water. Floating cooler and mini raft included.

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    Hey Matt, Do you have suppliers for these? I’d like to check out some of them.

  • Monique Nelson

    Amazing list! I saw Pool Pong at a tradeshow a few years ago and I was enamored.

  • Matt Giovanisci

    I don’t have any suppliers. I found all of these items online using both Google and Pinterest.

  • Matt Giovanisci

    Yea, I’m a huge fan of the port-o-pong myself.

  • MikeMeisner

    UMMMM these toys are awesome. I need numbers 3, 4 and 8 especially. Love the Gob clip too lol.

  • Matt Giovanisci

    Thank you for recognizing the Gob clip. I’m glad there are others who appreciate, what I think, is the best comedy ever to grace the television screen :-)

  • MikeMeisner

    That had me cracking up. Such a great show. Thanks for leading me down a path to wasting 30+ minutes at work watching more clips on Youtube.

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    I am familiar with your site because it puts out good content, and it’s in a niche related to one of the online businesses I operate. So I cruise by every so often to see what you got cooking.

  • Antoine Minet

    No. The tank isn’t a drink carrier, it’s the slot where the wheels fit once it becomes a submersible.

  • kim bish

    All I want is a simple double wide pool float w higher quality vinyl that will last. maybe a separate small head rest section. Any suggestions?

  • Matt Giovanisci

    I always liked SwimLine products: http://amzn.to/1NYG0ZV