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10 Features You Definitely Want in a Robotic Pool Cleaner

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If you’ve ever cleaned a pool manually, you know how great a robotic pool cleaner truly is for your pool.

Not all robotic pool cleaners are made alike and you need to be careful when selecting a high-quality robotic pool cleaner. Some, such as the Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner, come with loads of features.

Still, there are some features you should watch out for when shopping for a new robotic pool cleaner.

10 Features You Definitely Want in a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner Features

Let’s examine ten features that you will want in a robotic pool cleaner so you can stop worrying about the hard work involved in cleaning your pool.

1. Lightweight

While the size of the robotic pool cleaner doesn’t matter, the weight does. Sure, the bigger the pool the bigger the robot, but you need to make sure you can lift it to get it in and out of the pool. If it is too heavy, you will have a hard time caring for it and your pool without a little help.

2. Wide, Four Wheel Drive Wheels

Your robotic pool cleaner won’t do a very good job if it can’t get around your pool. We recommend four wheel drive wheels (4WD) that are wide and made of rubber so your robotic pool cleaner can go over any bumps or have any trouble navigating slippery surfaces along the sides and bottom of your pool.

Aquabot Elite Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Elite Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

List Price:  $950.00
Price:  $950.00
You Save:  

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3. Swivel Cord

Unfortunately, you can’t escape the need for cords with your robotic pool cleaner. Your cleaner will be moving around your pool and climbing vertical walls and even stairs. This movement can easily tangle a cord stranding your robotic pool cleaner. A swivel cord will prevent these tangles and give your robotic pool cleaner the freedom of movement it needs to clean your pool.

4. Quality Brushes

The brushes on your robotic pool cleaner are very important. After all, they are doing the hard work of removing the dirt and debris from your pool. We recommend hard bristle brushes or rotating rubber brushes that can scrub off dirt, algae from almost any surface in your pool.

5. Programmable Timers

The whole point of a robotic pool cleaner is to make your pool cleaning life easier. If you have to go out and start it every time then it takes a bit of the automation and ease of use away from it. The very best robotic pool cleaners come with programmable timers. This allows you to program when you want it to clean so you can set it and then forget it. Just don’t forget to clean it out once in awhile.

6. Climbing Ability

Ideally, you want a robotic pool cleaner that is good at climbing. The very best pool cleaners can easily climb the sides of your pool, clean the waterline, and even climb your pool’s stairs (if you have them) to give you the very best cleaning cycle possible.

Aquabot Junior NXT Robotic Pool Cleaner, One Size

Aquabot Junior NXT Robotic Pool Cleaner, One Size

List Price:  $669.00
Price:  $669.00
You Save:  

Buy Now On Amazon

7. Deflecting Features and Sensors

One of the most frustrating things about robotic pool cleaners is that they can get stuck in corners from time to time. However, some of them come with deflecting features that help prevent the robot from getting stuck in a corner or on some other type of obstacle.

8. Cleaning Cycles

Every robotic pool cleaner cleaning cycle is different, with some lasting longer than others. Ideally, you want a pool cleaner that can clean your pool as quickly and efficiently as possible while still doing a good job. Some cleaners even come with multiple cycles for different levels of cleaning.

9. Durability

Buying a robotic pool cleaner can be expensive, so it makes sense that you will want a cleaner that is made from high-quality materials that will last. Check your warranty, as that is a good indicator of your robotic pool cleaner’s durability. Eventually, you will have to repair it, but you shouldn’t need to do anything for at least a few swimming seasons.

10. Energy Efficient

The size of your robotic pool cleaner will determine how much energy is used. For smaller cleaners, you can expect to consume around 200 watts of power per hour. Larger units will use more, but you should avoid the models that use more than 1,000 watts per hour as they will cost you more to run over the long term.

A good quality robotic pool cleaner can really make your life easier. It will do all the hard work of scrubbing the sides and bottom of your pool without you having to break your back doing it yourself. Still, they are an expensive investment so you want to ensure you buy the right one for your pool. These features should help you do just that.

Still, they’re an expensive investment so you want to ensure you buy the right one for your pool. These features should help you do just that.

Happy Swimming!

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Last Updated: Tuesday, May 9th, 2017