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The Ultimate Guide to Pool Enclosures

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There has been a big push recently for more privacy in and around our swimming pools. Laws require that pools be protected by at least a fence, but many are taking it one step further with a pool enclosure.

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Enclosures

However, these new enclosures are new to many pool owners. So today we thought would be the perfect day to introduce everyone to pool enclosures and what they can do for your personal swimming pool in your home.

What Are Pool Enclosures?

Maybe this sounds like a silly question to some of you, but others and especially new pool owners may not really know. A pool enclosure is a structure that surrounds you pool. Depending on the type you get, it could act like a really fancy cover for your pool or even transform your pool from an outdoor to an indoor pool that can be enjoyed all year long.

Pool enclosures can be made from a wide variety of materials, but many of the nicest ones out there make liberal use of glass and other materials to create a truly unique enclosure that is ever so much nicer than a boring old pool cover.

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Why Use a Pool Enclosure?

This is the one question that gets many pool owners as they just aren’t sure if they can justify the cost of the pool enclosures. There are many reasons why you should use a pool enclosure on your pool. Let’s examine of few of the best reasons you should consider a pool enclosure.

Protection and Privacy

If there is one thing that every pool owner needs to be sure of, it is protection. You want to make sure your pool area is safe and protected so you can minimize the risk of accidents in your pool. A pool enclosure will do just that as it will close access to your pool from the outside.

At the same time, it can add a layer of privacy to your pool area so you don’t have to worry about gawking neighbors or others passing by while you and your friends and family enjoy a dip in your pool.

Other Features and Benefits

Protection and privacy aren’t the only benefits, however. Some enclosures can help you heat your pool so you can extend the length of your swim season, while others will even transform it into an indoor pool perfect for use all year long no matter what the weather.

They also add a sense of style to your pool area that will impress anyone who pays your showpiece a visit to enjoy a swim. At the same time, they can increase the value of your property and in some areas may even help you with your insurance rates because of that extra level of protection you have added to your pool area.

Also, they cut down on the amount of debris that gets into the pool. That includes, far fewer bugs, leaves, twigs, and when a flock of geese flies overhead! OK, so a pool cover will also protect the pool from all this stuff, but when you retract the cover or put it onto the roller what tends to happen is that all the debris falls off the end into the pool so you end up with a line of stuff at one end of the pool that has to be scooped out!

One feature of some enclosures is that on hot days, many of the low level enclosures can be propped up at the sides. This gives you a windbreak, cuts down on debris blowing into the pool (though not as much as when the enclosure is down), and allows people at the poolside to better interact with people in the pool.

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Types of Pool Enclosures

There are several types of enclosures available on the market today. Each one is very different from the other and they all bring something to table when it comes to enclosures. The three main types of enclosures are:

  1. Flat Enclosures – These enclosures are usually the most cost effective out there, but they still look great on your pool. These enclosures sit right along the edge of the pool and act as a fancy pool cover. They can then be retracted when you want to use your pool.
  2. Low Profile Enclosures – These enclosures are interesting, as the enclosure itself is raised slightly. The result is an enclosure that gives the pool a nice rounded top. You can also swim in your pool when this enclosure is on your pool but you can’t really stand up inside it. You will be fine when in the water just don’t plan on doing in big leaps into the air.
  3. Standing Enclosures – These enclosures are usually the most expensive out there, as they basically transform your pool into an indoor pool. You can stand up and walk around the sides of your pool with this enclosure and these even come in many different types even making use of wood and glass for the design.

The Costs

The costs of the different enclosures vary greatly depending on the type of enclosure you buy and how many bells and whistles you add to it along the way. In many cases, they can range from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars and sometimes even more.

While that may be more than many of you are willing to spend, you have to view this as more of an investment than an expense. Adding a pool enclosure will increase the value of your pool and property as it adds another layer of safety and convenience to pool ownership.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, pool enclosures provide way more value than you probably considered in the beginning. Not only are they great to look at, but they can protect your pool from accidents while extending your swim season. Of course, that all depends on the type of enclosure you buy, and some of them can get a bit pricey.

Still, if you are looking for a way to really make your pool area stand out, I would recommend taking a closer look at pool enclosures as they can really transform your pool into a true showplace while at the same time adding protection and privacy that every pool owner needs.

Happy Swimming!

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Last Updated: Tuesday, July 26th, 2016